Whirlpool Rinse - 500ml

Whirlpool Rinse - 500ml

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Whirlpool Rinse is an effective product to flush plumbing lines of spas/hot tubs and even jetted bath tubs. Whirlpool Rinse degreases and removes harmful residue from your tubs internal plumbing system.

Whirlpool Rinse is comparable to:

  • Arctic Pure Fresh Start
  • BeachComber Neutr-All and Deep Clean 5
  • Dazzle Drain Prep
  • Leisure Time Jet Clean
  • Rendezvous Jet Blaster

How to Use - Hot Tubs

  • For Best results, keep water temperature between 25C - 30C.  Pour 250 ml of Whirlpool rinse into the hot tub before draining.  Switch the pump to high speed and allow water to circulate for 2 hours.  Drain the hot tub and resume normal start up procedures.  Repeat every 2 months or as necessary.

How to Use - Whirlpools

  • Pour 150 ml into the whirlpool bath filled with warm water.  Turn the tub on for 30 minutes.  Drain and wipe down with a cloth dampened with Whirlpool Rinse.  repeat every month or as needed.