Sundance Spas Microclean MINI Inner Core (P/N: 6473-283)

Sundance Spas Microclean MINI Inner Core (P/N: 6473-283)

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Diameter: 5.63" Length: 13 3/4" Top: 4 3/16" OD Open Bottom: 5.63" OD

2023+ Sundance 680 Spas ONLY*

McKinley, Edison, Ramona, Peyton, Prado, Alicia 


A dirty filter can cause the Open Flow Switch, Closed Flow Switch, FLO and FLO2 message to display on your topside control.

This exclusive, advanced dual-stage interlocking filtration system means that finer particles are trapped in an inner Micro Core filter after passing through an outer pleated filter, which has caught the larger particles.

Provides crystal clear water.

Inner spun bound microfiber filters the smallest particles

Last for up to 6-8 months

This system provides robust, efficient hot tub filtration, using technology similar to that used in popular home drinking water filters.

The MicroUltraMini Filtration System provides unrivalled water clarity and is easy to maintain.

Use with Sundance part number 6473-249