Sundance Spas 75 Square Foot Filter (P/N: 6540-501)

Sundance Spas 75 Square Foot Filter (P/N: 6540-501)

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Diameter: 8"

Length: 14"

Top: Closed with SAE ; Bottom: 2-1/2"

Equivalent Filters: FC-2810, C-8380, PSD85-2002, 18007

Fits all 2002 to 2005 850 Series Spas, all 2011 to 2013+ Select Series Spas and all 2013+ 780 Series Spas. 

Optima, Cameo, Maxxus, Altamar, Capri, Caprio ST, Marin, Metro, Tango, Bahia, Bristol, Cayman, Camden, Certa, Chelsee, Contance, Dover, Hamilton, Hanover, Montclair, Palermo, Victoria


Sundance exclusive two stage filtration works from two directions.

This section is reusable.

Use with Sundance part number 6540-502 for a combined 125 square foot filtration.