Sundance Spas 125 Square Foot Filter (P/N: 6540-488S)

Sundance Spas 125 Square Foot Filter (P/N: 6540-488S)

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Diameter: 8-1/2"

Length: 19"

Top: 2-1/2"

Bottom: 2-1/8"

Equivalent Filters: FC-2780, C-8326, PSD125-20000/-M, 22507 

Fits 2000 to 2017 880 and 780 Sundance Series Spas

All Select Series Spas

Optima, Cameo, Maxxus, Tango, Altamar, Bahia, 2001 Capri, Caprio and Caprio ST, Cayman, Lagunas, Majesta, Marin, Metro, Palermo


The large Pleated Cartridge Filter is washable for a long life and provides extra filtration when you need it most, when you are using the hot tub.

Can be used in place of any Sundance Series Micro clean filters.

This filter is internally double sided and sometimes referred to as the winter filter to let you go longer between filter cycles in the winter months.